Watching animated bitches on 9Hentai.com get wet are all good and dandy, but sometimes you got to scratch that literal itch. That’s why I’m here to present you with my best 9 Hentai review. Seriously, guys and gals, 9hentai.com is the kind of site that manages to hook even the most casual of perverts, with its nearly perfect execution in delivering smut from monitor to eyeballs.

The operative words here are “nearly perfect”. And I mean that, fellow pervs.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, just keep on reading and find out everything you need to know about 9hentai.com!

Get to Knowing 9Hentai

9hentai.com is a porn site that exclusively offers digital hentai manga. It’s the kind of online venue for folks looking to infuse their daily/nightly diddle sessions with some absolutely gorgeous art. After all, live-action porn videos could only get you so far sometimes.

Honestly, calling 9hentai as simply an online spank bank is a huge understatement. After all, you can’t deny the artistic value of any given hentai anime or manga; you just have to look beyond its, well, boner-activating qualities, is all.

Nasty Tags… But in a Good Way

Right off the bat, you can’t help but commend how expansive and diverse 9hentai’s offerings are. From original hentai comics to doujinshis—that’s a saucy Japanese way of saying fan fiction—, 9hentai has so much smut to offer. It’ll make your browser instantly fall in a government watch list somewhere.

Seriously, though, I have not one complaint about what this site offers content-wise. Because if a site manages to carry something as vanilla as “girlfriend doing missionary” AND, at the same time, feature categories like “Final Fantasy 7 Tifa fucked by a Chocobo”, then you know you have something special here.

Horny Waifus Right at Your Fingertips

I especially love how 9hentai’s homepage provides-- *eherm*-- connoisseurs with just enough icons that you could easily browse with a simple click or tap. Even better, the site has a very visible search bar for your depraved pleasure.

And much like other sites out there (featuring porn or otherwise), 9hentai utilizes tags on their comics in order for search results to become more efficient. So, whether you’re looking for specific characters doing very specific acts (looking at you, My Little Pony Gangbang fans!), you’ll easily be directed to results that tickle your sick fancies.

Additionally, 9hentai.com also features filters right below the search bar, which categorizes their library by popularity, the most viewed, etc. It’s a welcome addition if you’re not looking for anything in particular and just want some manga titties shot up your eyeballs.

A sidebar on the left side of the site provides various categories to help you look for your next fetish. They’re divided into several categories ranging from tags, parodies, characters, down to the artists themselves.

Personally, I was inclined towards the Parody and Artists section of the page. With the former, you’ll be treated to a whole glossary of doujinshis based on popular characters, be it from manga and anime or Western properties like Batman.

The Artists section, on the other hand, is a great directory for users to search for their favorite hentai creators on the site.

But my absolute favorite feature in the site is how it allows you to download whatever title they have into your device. Hey, sometimes daddy needs his fix even if there’s no wi-fi connection available.

Lastly, something of note is the Video section on the site’s sidebar. However, it’s still under construction as of this writing, so you won’t find anything there yet.

But don’t be surprised if 9hentai doesn’t exclusively stick to just one horny-ass medium and they expand to hentai anime as well in the near future. I’m definitely excited for this and will keep my eye on it.

All in all, you’re getting a quality porn experience with 9hentai.com.

If Not for a Few Flaws, It Would Have Been Perfect

Right. So, you’re all set for your wank session: lube and tissues in hand, maybe some candles… whatever. What’s one of the most annoying things that could happen while you’re rubbing yourself and reading hentai comics?

To me, it’s having to click on the “next page” button over and over again in order to see if Deku from My Hero Academia will finally eat Eraserhead’s butthole in the next scene. Point is, you won’t have fun pleasuring yourself in one hand and tapping on the “next page” button with the other.

If only the site had a continuous page option where all you have to do is scroll down until you reach the end of whatever comics you’re reading at the moment.

Sadly, 9hentai doesn’t have that. It would have been WAY better if it did.

Then, there’s the site’s tendency to load whatever icon you click on in another tab. I think you’d find that as annoying as watching an hour of porn WITHOUT the money shot. And it’s weird, because this problem seems to go away after a few minutes of surfing the site, so it’s probably just a bug.

Lastly, and this is a very minor nitpick I have, is that there are certain tags in the site that would definitely seem like some sort of pervert code for the uninitiated. After all, how could a hentai noob know the difference between futanari (girls with dicks) and gokkun (semen guzzling) in their first go.

But hey, practice makes perfect, right?

9hentai.com Review: The Verdick

Where 9hentai.com succeeds, it does so in a more than adequate way. With a robust selection of sweet, sweet hentai manga and doujinshi that will make any kind of depraved sicko bust a nut almost instantly, I couldn’t recommend this site enough.

However, the lack of a single-page, continuous reading experience makes this one of those sites that’s less than ideal if you want to play with yourself in real-time. Add the fact that it tends to open new pages in a different tab in your browser at times, then you’re in for a rather annoying experience.

But with our 9hentai.com review, we discovered that the good far outweighs all the bad in this case. So, yeah, we do recommend it in spite of its glaring flaws!